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Welcome to the DeHaven family!! From the DeHaven family!!!!!  This website is dedicated to the DeHaven family (all its extended family members), the DeHaven Club and the national and regional Reunions that we organize where we can share and collaborate on our DeHaven family genealogy.

Latest News! - Upcoming DeHaven Club Changes!

The 2023 DeHaven Club Directory is out!

After much discussion and in the spirit of improving the Club, we would like to announce some new changes.

 The first thing is that the Club will NO longer require dues for those members that accept electronic mail.  We will still ask those members that want paper copies of the newsletters and Directory to continue to pay $15 a year to offset the postage and copy costs.  Donations to offset miscellaneous costs like DNA tests and Ancestry software can still be made to the Club.

 The second change is that we will switch to an Annual newsletter – a “Year in Review” which will highlight the accomplishments of each group within the DeHaven Club.

 The third change is that we will start posting the newsletters  onto Facebook for that audience.  We have over 800 members of that group which we have not included in our newsletters.

 For those previous club members that have an email address and were recently added to the inactive list, we will move them back to active.  We will also ask the Facebook members that are not in the directory to send in their contact information so we can include them in the annual electronic directory.

 Hopefully this will improve the way our Club operates.  Any further suggestions are appreciated.  Send them to The 

Check out the section on our Photo Collection project under DeHaven Club/Photo collection!


Our new FACEBOOK Page has been a great success!  Click HERE to access or search Facebook using DeHaven Club.  Join us!


Our reunions are on hold due to the Covid pandemic.  

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